THURAYA PREPAID SIM CARD INCLUDES 100 Minutes, 100 Megabytes, 100 SMS

589 USD / In stock.
The NEW Thuraya 100 min / 100 SMS / 100 MBs is the only voucher that allows you to use all three functions for one small price. The GmPRS is no longer a separate opt-in service but is automatically activated alongside voice activation. The MB is now lower for GmPRS.

Billing Increment:
Voice Calls are based on 60 seconds increment.
SMS is charged per 160- character message.
ThurayaGmPRS traffic is charged based on 100 Kilobytes data block.

Supplementary Services: Call Forwarding / Call Waiting and Call Hold / Conference Call / Call Line Identification Presentation / Voice Mail / Customer Controlled Barring.

Account Validity: Initial account validity is 1 year effective from first call. SIM card is cancelled if the first call is not made within 6 months from the date of activation.

Renewal Fee: Renewal fee of 39 units will deducted automatically from the account’s available credit balance. Subscribers need to ensure that sufficient credit is maintained in the prepaid account to pay the renewal fee.

Grace Period: Subscriber is given 90 days grace period after SIM expiry date to renew the account. During grace period, incoming calls are possible. If subscriber fails to renew the account within the grace period, account will be deactivated permanently.

Coverage area: Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia, India, Australia

Preloaded Credit

100 min
100 SMS
100 MBs
Annual Renewal Fee per year
39 units
Thuraya to Thuraya per min
0.99 units
Thuraya to Other Networks (Band 1)  
per min
1.49 units
Thuraya to Other Networks (Band 2) per min
4.99 units
Thuraya to Other Networks (Catch All)
per min
8.00 units
Data / Fax per min
same as voice rates
Outgoing SMS per SMS
0.49 units
Incoming SMS per SMS Free of Charge
Voice Mail per min   0.99 units
Making calls while Roaming on GSM per min   Roamed GSM Network Tariff + Thuraya roaming charges
Receiving calls on GSM mode per min   0.50 units
GmPRS Activation

Free (activated by Default)
GmPRS: Usage Charge
per MB
2.85 units
Public Static IP Address for GmPRS Service Annual Fee
300.00 units