Iridium GO! Marine Package with Fixed Mast Antenna

1150 USD / In stock.
Safety At Sea
The Marine Package gives the added security of having a working communications below decks under any sea condition. It also gives the added security of taking the portable Go! out of the flush mount kit and throwing it in your ditch bag if needed. Since the Go! has a built in SOS button on the side, you can deploy the SOS if you have a smart phone or not. Download the latest GRIB weather files to keep you away from danger. Having the Go! will not only keep you connected, it will give you peace of mind.

Not Just For Marine
The Marine Package is great for any situation were you need to communications indoors such as a remote cabin. The included flush mount kit allows the Go! to be nicely mounted indoors. Also the small outdoor marine antenna and 30 feet of antenna cable make it for a good permanent installation. If you need longer antenna cable please call our sales line and we can upgrade your cable any custom length.

About Iridium GO!
Iridium GO! creates the first ever reliable global connection for voice and data communications on your smartphone and up to 5 mobile devices. No worries. No roaming charges. Just connected and in touch, wherever you are, whenever you need.

Wi-Fi On Board With The GO!
With your Go! onboard, this will give your vessel full access to email, weather, GRIB files and light web browsing. Also use your favorite device such as iPhone's and Andriod products.

Finally, for all of those devices that were out of touch when on the move and off the grid, there is Iridium GO! Now your trusted smartphone, laptop or tablet will work wherever you want, or need to be.
Powered by the world's furthest reaching network, the compact, rugged and portable Iridium GO! dramatically extends the capabilities of your personal devices by creating a reliable Wi-Fi connection – anywhere on the planet. Just flip up the antenna and go!

Iridium GO! App
In order to access the unique global communication features of Iridium GO! on your smartphone, you must first download the Iridium-optimized application. The app enables:

- Voice Calling
- Tracking
- Twitter Posting
- Internet Call Access

Iridium Mail & Web App
The Iridium Mail & Web app improves your access to emails and web browsing, including additional social media support, and photo transfer capabilities.

The Iridium GO! Includes:
USB Cable
AC charger (4 int’l adapters)
DC charger
Protective cover
User Guide
Legal Booklet
GEOS Brochure
30 ft antenna cable kit 
Fixed Mast Antenna